What is Plant Spirit Healing?

Supporting your wellbeing journey with plants.

Often I find it difficult to find the words to explain plant spirit healing. This may be due to the fact that my continued personal experience with the plant spirits is profound and has great depth within my soul.

Plant Spirit Healing has become a major component of my wellbeing practice. Through my own healing journey with the plant spirits I am able to facilitate and nurture personal healing journeys in others.

Understanding that illness and imbalances are more than physical symptoms is imperative. This modality is not a quick fix and can provide support to maintain wellbeing on may different levels.

Plant Spirit Healing engages a persons whole being such as heart, soul and spirit.

What's involved in a Plant Spirit Healing Session?

Each session of Plant Spirit Healing is individualised. Prior to an initial session I ask you to write an honest and confidential history of your life highlights and traumatic events. These  events may have impacted you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I also ask that you describe your relationships with  your primary family, both past and present.  I ask that this request be limited to 5 pages. I will also ask for you to explain why you are seeking help at this time and what you hope to achieve from your session/sessions.

A complete case history will also be taken during your initial appointment.

Within a Plant Spirit Healing Session the following processes may be applied

Chakra  Clearing

Removal of intrusive or possessive energy

Aura Cleansing

Removal of energy blockages

Vertical Alignment 

Ancestry work

Soul contracts

Soul Retrieval

and more......  

At the end of a session you may be advised to change lifestyle habits or be prescribed nutrients, herbs or flower essences. 

Your investment to experience a Plant Spirit Healing Session

Initial Consult (1 hour): $120 AUD

Follow Up Consultation (1 hour): $90 AUD

Distant Healing: $140 AUD

EFTPOS is available for consultations.

Distant Sessions are available upon request and also require similar preparation. Skype or phone conversations are arranged for communication and payment is required prior to a distant session.


"Its time to set your intentions and notice the vibrant energy of the plants"
Carmen of Plant Wisdom

This form of calling on plants as healing agents is really based on a relationship. The healer must make friends, or make allies, with different plants, out of the basis of that friendship will offer the kind of medicine they have to be shared with others.
Eliot Cowan

Grandmother earth and her plant beings have been communicating and connecting with us since the beginning of time.

Carmen of Plant Wisdom


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