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"Awakening the Power of Nature: Integrating Plant Spirit Healing with Five Element Acupressure for Holistic Wellness"

Five Element Plant Spirit Healing

Understanding that illness and imbalances are more than physical symptoms is imperative. This modality is not a quick fix and can provide support to maintain wellbeing on may different levels.

Five Element Plant Spirit Healing engages a persons whole being such as body, mind and spirit.

Five Element Plant Spirit Healing combines Five Element Acupressure with Plant Spirit Healing.

The gentle touch of acupressure is a very powerful ancient form of bodywork and each treatment is uniquely adapted to meet the needs of the individual.

Acupressure balances the energy flow (Qi) in the meridians, thus having effects throughout the whole body. Acupressure provides many benefits by releasing endorphins which reduces pain, increases blood flow, relieves stress and muscular tension, improves emotional balance, immune and organ function.

A complete case history will also be taken during your initial appointment.

Five Elements

The Five Elements follow the rhythms of nature that live within us, these being Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  They each have their own resonance and when in balance provide harmony within and between the elements. 

If disharmony occurs it effects the resonances between all the elements. Working with the Five Elements using combined acupressure points not only treats our imbalances, but helps us to deepen our understanding of underlying patterns that are causing disruption or ill health.

Plant Spirits

Just as we have our own unique expression, plants have their own spirit or resonance. 

My continued personal experience with the plant spirits is profound and has great depth within my soul.

Connecting with plant spirits has become a major component of my wellbeing practice. Through my own healing journey with the plant spirits I am able to facilitate and nurture personal healing journeys in others.

The combination of Five Element Acupressure and Plant Spirit Healing makes very powerful medicine.

Within a  Five Element Plant Spirit Healing Session the following processes may be applied


Pulse diagnosis

Head, neck and shoulder release

Pelvic and Lumbar release

Energy transfer

Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Element treatments

Meridian treatments​

Ancestry work

Chakra balancing

Shamanic journey 

Soul contracts

Soul Retrieval

and more......  


At the end of a session you may be advised to change lifestyle habits or be prescribed nutrients, herbs or plant spirit essences. 

Your investment to experience a Five Element Plant Spirit Healing Session


Initial Consult (1 hour): $120 AUD

Follow Up Consultation (1 hour): $85 AUD

Clinic Location: Natural Stepn Stones

52 Bridge Street, Murray Bridge, SA 5253

Mobile: 0438178861

Distance sessions also available

EFTPOS is available for consultations.

Plant Spirit Healing: Service

"Its time to set your intentions and notice the vibrant energy of the plants"
Carmen of Plant Wisdom

This form of calling on plants as healing agents is really based on a relationship. The healer must make friends, or make allies, with different plants, out of the basis of that friendship will offer the kind of medicine they have to be shared with others.
Eliot Cowan


Grandmother earth and her plant beings have been communicating and connecting with us since the beginning of time.

Carmen of Plant Wisdom

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