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Human & Animal Naturopath / Herbalist

Naturopathy is a holistic method of healing which recognises the “healing power of nature” and the body’s innate ability to correct itself and overcome illness.  This holistic approach endeavours to treat the “origin” of the problem and not just the symptoms or manifestation of disease.

Naturopathic treatments aim at supporting the body’s innate healing ability through the use of:

Diet and lifestyle changes

Vitamin and mineral supplementation

Herbal medicine

Flower Essences


Each program is tailored to the individual's needs to support bringing back the bodies natural state of balance and promoting optimum wellbeing.

Consultation prices available on request


Neuro-Training (NT) Kinesiology is a solution orientated process beneficial for all ages that works with the individuals’ mental conflicts, emotional traumas, physical stressors and spiritual being. Many people can be consciously or subconsciously suppressing hurts from the past or unresolved emotions and issues that no longer serve them but are keeping them from moving forward and recuperating.

NT Kinesiology can help release and resolve the inappropriate adaption’s by retraining the nervous system to adapt appropriately and develop new solutions for the particular problems. 

Muscle monitoring is used to reveal and identify the inappropriate adaptations and recognize the correct neural pathways. The solution can then be easily implemented by applying the appropriate combination of techniques that will enhance your own natural healing ability.

Techniques used depend on the individuals needs and may include holding acupressure points, rubbing lymphatic points, working directly with a muscle, releasing emotional responses, providing nutritional advice and more.

The number of consultations varies from client to client, depending on their needs.


NT with Kinesiology can be very effective if you are experiencing:

Tiredness, fatigue, depression, persistent pain, emotional upset, relationship  or life direction issues, digestive or nutritional problems, lymphatic or hormonal problems, allergies and skin irritations, sleep disturbances, learning difficulties, immune issues ………….and much more.

Consultation prices available on request.

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